Welcome To Maaminim!


Welcome to the website of Maaminim, a brand new Jewish music group.

What is Maaminim? It’s a group of young soloists, that will join together to change the world through song.


Maaminim means believers. It’s at the central core of every Jew.  Our belief. The one thing we have which no one can take away. No matter what, we believe. An absolute belief in Hashem. Belief that he will always be there for us. This is passed on from generation to generation and it has always been the cornerstone of who we are as a nation. We look to continue that tradition and message through our music.


Join us as we launch this exciting new project! We are working hard to bring you many exciting things, including concerts, videos, and of course our debut album, already in production!

To send in an audition please click here.


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